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Continuation of the project “Buy a house buy an apartment”

Continuation of the project “Buy a house buy an apartment”

Construction chamber of commerce has been supporting the “Buy a House Buy an Apartment” project from the very beginning of its promotion and believes that the new conditions will additionally influence the stimulation of the sale of new apartments for young people. In addition, the growth of the construction sector in the construction sector is further supported by building new housing units, retaining existing ones and generating new jobs, all of which will affect the growth of the overall economy, it was stated at today’s press conference at the Macedonian Chambers of Commerce. .

The President of the Construction Chamber of Macedonia, Mr. Ivica Jakimovski noted that this project benefits companies through increased sales of high quality and energy efficient housing, young people who with very favorable conditions will be able to get a new apartment, local government and central government.

“The Macedonian Chamber of Commerce, which is the only chamber that unites the construction sector, supports the project Buy a House Buy an Apartment because it is in the common interest of all, and above all, the citizens who will find it easier to invest in their future and stay live and work in Macedonia. In addition, this project will contribute to the development of rural municipalities where the cost of building buildings per square meter is significantly lower than in the downtown area. It will contribute to the development of other branches of economy in our country as well as to direct investments for development of municipalities, “said Jakimovski.

The Ministry of Finance has developed a handbook for the project “Buy a House, Buy an Apartment”, which is posted on the Ministry’s website. Finance says that in less than three months after the new conditions came into force, interest from citizens is high, driven by lower interest rates, the new “Buy an apartment for young people” model, and an additional one-year subsidy on the monthly installment for each newborn or an adopted child.

“It is very important for the state for every citizen to have the opportunity to have their own home. For this reason we have also started to improve the models of Buy a house, buy an apartment. Conditions have improved most in terms of housing purchases, where young people’s interest is the highest. In this section, young people up to 35 years of age receive up to 70 percent installment subsidy under the newly improved conditions in the first five years of loan repayment.

Of course, there is the option of assisting in repaying the interest to those who need credit assistance. So those who opt for the participation subsidy model instead of the installment subsidy will receive 70 percent state aid from the housing contribution.

But for this project to be successful, it is necessary to build housing on the market at a price of up to 900 euros per square meter.