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MCC: Strengthening economic diplomacy with quality personnel

MCC: Strengthening economic diplomacy with quality personnel

The rule of law and the fight against corruption, strengthening economic diplomacy, demonstrating proactive leadership, and minimizing polarization in the society caused by continued political turmoil are the key priorities of the business community that were presented at the Macedonian Chambers of Commerce (SCC) working meeting of the President of the State Dr. Stevo Pendarovski with the President of the MCC, Ms. Danela Arsovska, the Presidency and the members of the Board of Directors.

The President of the Chamber, Arsovska, at the meeting pointed to the most important structural reforms that should be a priority for a national and economic perspective, and on whose influence is the president as an institution.

The Rule of Law

Legal security is the basis for the functioning and development of one state and is implemented through the independence of the judiciary and the fight against any kind of corruptive behavior. The rule of law is also the basis for starting negotiations with the EU and the number one condition for investment in the country. It is necessary to completely reform the system of the rule of law and establish mechanisms for respecting the legal system, regulation and efficient public administration. In order to fulfill the stated time, the state has to take a serious step in the fight against corruption and criminal behavior so that the private and civil sector can soon restore confidence in the rule of law. To get out of this situation that directly affects the economy and investments, a strong step and commitment is required by all positions and authorities in power, as well as the willingness to cope with the challenges.

Strengthening economic diplomacy

Successful international representation of the country and attracting the interest for investments, but also for placing Macedonian products on foreign markets, is of great importance for the economic development of Macedonia. The Association of Chambers of Commerce, as a result of the efforts of the President of the MCC for international affirmation, has open doors for cooperation with the chambers of commerce and business associations from five continents. Joint representation will in large part affect the achievement of the economic goals of the state aimed at increasing exports, participation in the work of international organizations and attracting foreign investments. It is essential that every international visit of the President of the Republic be used to emphasize the economic potentials, while working with business delegations and direct meetings to work on the development of international economic partnerships. It is important in the part of the economic diplomacy that the persons who are personnel decisions for placing in the diplomatic missions have the skills and the desire to act on the promotion of Macedonia as an investment destination, but also serve as a link for the business community in the country where they are appointed as diplomats. Additionally, it is necessary to encourage the increase in foreign trade in particular of exports and its encouragement, given that 5% of the total number of active trade companies in the country are exporters.

Demonstrating proactive leadership

The business community expects the president as an institution to deal with the challenges we face everyday. All announcements of crises or potential problems need to be addressed in a timely manner in order to prevent unnecessary escalation of the situation and corrections after irreversible damage to the private sector and citizens will be inflicted. Therefore, continuous cooperation based on the principle of partnership through which policies will be built for the purpose of overall national development is necessary.

Minimizing polarization in society caused by continued political turmoil

Institutions will work more efficiently if they are committed to minimizing polarization and to achieving political consensus with all stakeholders. It is necessary, in conditions of fragile economy, to strengthen all capacities in the interest of providing reliable economic growth, which means minimizing daily political disagreements, finding a compromise on key issues for national prosperity and committing to accelerated economic development.

The business community highly appreciates President Pendarovski’s announced commitment to zero tolerance for nepotism, corruption and crime, as well as commitment to the country’s economic development. The Union of Chambers of Commerce is open to cooperation with all the institutions at the highest level to implement these important postulates for building a democratic society. Only with the promotion of the public-private dialogue between the highest holders of government in the state and the private sector, and with continuous discussion we can expect improvement of the economic situation.

The conclusion of all the necessary priorities is that good governance is important because the system’s dysfunction drains confidence, endangers growth, and impairs the prospect of progress.